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The DarkLand Portal Series

Written by D. D. Kenworthy

The DarkLand Portal Series is a fantasy epic that explores the desperate situation of mankind and the other estranged civilized races of Thylacine. Their survival exists among hostile territories dominated by scaleskins, roachkin and now demons too. To make matters worse, schemes and greed fester in Conorbatia – the largest and most sheltered city on The Plateau – where the need for unity is greatest.

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The Hero of Aridhold

The DarkLand Portal Series Book I

“Every time you decide to play the hero, somebody has to suffer for it”

Jaeger hadn’t hesitated to join Commander Darroch’s mission when his small force passed through West-Yield. His decision however, was motivated by a multitude of reasons; Some were noble, while others simply stemmed from a desire to escape the direction his life was taking.

He never knew the far-reaching implications that his decision would have, or that it would one day land him at the legendary Clouds College of Magic.

The Monk’s Apprentice

The DarkLand Portal Series Book II

“At some point we need to stop expecting our Emperor to make everything fair and nice, and do something ourselves. The thing I liked about Jaeger is that he always seemed to get that.”

Aema had been left picking up the pieces in Conorbatia after Jaeger’s sudden departure. Amongst coming to terms with the sudden loss, she seemed to have a knack for thrusting herself right into the middle of the events and corruption that is slowly taking over the city. Meanwhile, the emperor continues to prepare his people for war in the South, ignorant to the cancer gnawing at the centre of his empire back home.

The question of whether Jaeger is alive, what he is doing, and how he can possibly think that he is helping, seems to have eluded everyone. As The Hero of Aridhold slowly becomes more of a memory than a person.

The Demon Prince

The DarkLand Portal Series Book III

“How can any of us stand against such a creature, if the Demon Prince truly has entered this world?”

The Plateau is in flames and it’s people cannot flee fast enough back towards their capital, as towns and cities are destroyed behind them. Despite the best preparations by Commander Darroch, there was no stopping an army of demons now leading the invading scaleskins.

However, Jaeger has returned. Now a more powerful mage than ever before and allegedly a demon-slayer too. The people have a faint glimmer of hope that the mighty Aves-Caprinae and monks he brought with him can turn the tide, as long as the rumours of a Demon Prince aren’t true…

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