Author resource – The most comprehensive list of fantasy publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts

So you have completed your first manuscript and are looking for the backing of a traditional publisher who can help you take your work of passion and genius and sell it to the world.

First piece of advice we have at this stage, is review and edit. Review and edit, review and edit, and then repeat. You always need to remember that you only get one opportunity to make a first impression to publishers. When you read the advice from many publishers, one of the consistent messages is that they receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of manuscripts every year.

What this means is that most of them become discerning to the point of ruthless. It’s not their fault, how else can you sift through that many submissions without an army of editors. So if you start to show up spelling errors in the first chapter, you are running a very high risk of having your hard work thrown in the bin, while quite possibly having the failed submission registered in their database, ensuring that they don’t look at it again if you try to resubmit.

So now that we have added the advice that I’m sure every author will find a hundred times over on the internet, lets get to the good bit. At the bottom of this blog is a copy of one of the most comprehensive and concise lists of fantasy publishers on the internet.

This spreadsheet contains the names of all these publishers, along with links to their submissions pages online. You can also get a brief overview of their compatibility with fantasy, along with a quick summary of how they like their submissions packaged. Make sure you read the submission advice on their pages EXTENSIVELY!

Embedded: A Fantasy author’s comprehensive list of all publishers accepting manuscripts, along with their submission requirements. The full excel spreadsheet can be downloaded at the bottom of this page

Again, a small deviation from what was asked for is likely to end up having your manuscript tossed in the rejection pile. Also the resource is not live, so submission requirements could always change.

We hope that you find the resource we have put together helpful. SkyGoat Publishing does intend to open for further submissions sometime in 2021, however we made this because we want nothing but success for anybody who has poured their time and energy into the passion of writing.

Also, if you would take one last piece of advice before you use the spreadsheet; don’t send your manuscript to all of these publishers at once! You will always find you can improve on your work, and once you have submitted, you greatly reduce your chances of making a second impression by resubmitting any changes/improvements you have made.

Good luck!

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