We will be open for submissions from Friday, March 26th until Wednesday, March 31st 2021!

Please read the below guidelines carefully:

SkyGoat Publishing House finally have a hard date for our first Open Submissions Period! Below you will be able to read everything you need to know before submitting your work to us for consideration.

What we are accepting:

SkyGoat Publishing is primarily a fantasy-driven publishing house and at this early stage we are only seeking manuscripts that fit into the fantasy genre, including:

– Young Adult Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery etc.

Our Submission Guidelines:

To assist in the review process, please submit your manuscript as a Microsoft Word document in the following format to skygoatpublishing@outlook.com:

– Times New Roman, 12pt, Single line spacing

– Page breaks before each new chapter

– Word counts between 75K & 100K

– Completed manuscripts, not drafts! You only get one chance to make a first impression so please ensure that you have edited and reviewed your own work before putting it in front of our team.

Please ensure that your manuscript meets these requirements as they are the first thing we will check.

What else to include:

– A 500 word synopsis of your story attached to your email (pdf, word, or simply in the body of the email if you like) to help us get a feel for what we are reading before we dive in.

– A short bio about yourself in the body of your email, including; who you are, where you are from, and what inspired you to write your treasured manuscript. As well as any other interesting information you would like us to know.

What we offer our authors if we accept your manuscript:

As you may have discovered from reading some of the posts in our blog section; SkyGoat Publishing believes that any author who can gain the interest of a publisher, deserves the right to a traditional publishing contract. Due to the difference in size and capital at the disposal of different publishers, a traditional contract can vary greatly in what an author receives from their publisher as part of their traditional contract offer. However, the key principle is that we want to publish your work without asking for you to split that cost.

Successful manuscript submissions can expect to receive the following in their contract offer from SkyGoat Publishing:

– Completed publishing to both eBook and paperback, with separate ISBNs, available worldwide (please double-check with us if you are curious about a particular location of interest)

– Editing & Cover Design, before typesetting to both physical and digital formats

– A modest budget for the author to allocate to marketing, cover art (if this is a personal preference), or any other use you would like it for

– 50/50 split of sales royalties

Further details will be included in a contract offer, however the above is a simple summary of key points that most authors want to know